Who is Kyle Blue?


Kyle Blue redefines the word abstract. His stage show pushes the limits of comedy, theatre, poetry, and hip hop. The youngest of two children but raised as an only child, Kyle found his voice early. Once while still in school his class had to bring in an object to describe themselves, while other students were bringing music cds, shoes and basketballs, Kyle brought a hand drawn poster of pizza (because he loves it so much.,,).

Quiet and reserved by nature Kyle turns his silent observations of everyday life into exciting scenes of amusement and wonder. When asked how he manages to transforms ordinary scenarios into elaborate stage performances, he replied, “I developed nerves of steel…it’s all in the execution and I pull it off every time”.

A regular at open mics and poetry shows The Kyle Blue delivers his unorthodox brand of entertainment with his "Banned From Stage" shows across the city of Houston.  Astonishing crowds and shattering taboos The Kyle Blue proves abstract is more than an expression or a word, it’s a way of life.


Banned from Stage




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